The company was founded in 1982 to offer services of repair, maintenance and assistance of technological systems.

At the end of the 80th years Vinicio Colombari, one of the partners, always attracted by technological innovation and feeling the need to encourage the development and improvement in the field of bakery and pastry, manufactures the first products to create a new brand: SITEP.

In 2001 buys shareholdings of the other partners, increasing research and innovation in the field of refrigeration and programmed proofing. He transforms SITEP Ltd in the company we know today, that is specialized in the development of new cold systems technologies for bakeries and confectioneries.

New applications SITEP, in addition to standard production, are often made in a custom-oriented perspective; impression that everything today distinguishes the company. In implementing custom application, during the steps design and construction, the plan is shared with the customer.

In both cases (standard and customized), in the early stages of use, the buyer is supported by SITEP Engineer who shows him which is the better way to use the purchased cold technology for the dough processing. Thanks to its policy of pre and post sale support Sitep is famous for its earnestness, professionalism and efficiency.

SITEP in 2006 inaugurated the new location in Gualdo di Voghiera, Ferrara - Italy. The building is 1800 square meters on a total area of 5000 square meters. The offices are located on the first floor while the production and warehouse are located on the ground floor.

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