SITEP has created the cabinet with high humidity control.

This cabinet is available in three versions "EVERFRESH, CHOCOLAT and BABYLEV" that differ in name but especially for their application, that allowing to have always a supply of products available and to satisfy sudden demands without remain with exhibitors empty.


  • Humidity control in cold phase with a settable minimum of 30% to a settable maximum of 90%.
  • Set Temperature control to choice from + 1 ° C to + 40 ° C with a neutral constant zone control and a hysteresis of 0.5 ° C on the set value.
  • Fan impulses plant with special “opening door” system which balances the thermal changes avoiding the pastry products with chocolate or fruits to become opaques.
  • High pressure tropicalized refrigerating group which allows switching-off every 4 seconds. It’s an essential element in order to enhance your products natural quality.
  • Elettronic control panel with monochromatic touch screen display customizable to suit your needs and control every parameter of the product storaging, that maks the unit practical and easy to use.

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