Sitep has realized, especially for small and medium sized bakeries, the fermenter for natural yeast.

This machinery has been created to guarantee high quality to bakers’ due to its reduced capacity (5, 10, 20 e 50 litres).

SITEP’s Fermenter for natural yeast has:

    • a multi-speed refrigerator unit with inverter and electroagitator with scraping blades which automatically moves the mass of natural yeast maintaining unchanged all chemical-physical features of the entire mass;
    • dual product discharge valve (one drawing valve that, once reached the minimum level, leaves into the tank the necessary dough quantity to launch of a new fermentation cycle, and one total discharge valve that facilities the complete cleaning of the unit);
    • PH-meter supplied for the control of the product acidity degree with immersion probe to monitor the fermentation activity of yeast, in order to ensure the process success;
    • structure entirely made of stainless steel with double mixing blade and supported by swivel wheels for easy moving.


        • Nutritional values are improved due to long lasting action of the yeasts.
        • Reduction of yeast intollerance effects.
        • Dough is more smooth, more soft and more exsensible than before.
        • More resistance to mildew and stringy bacteria.
        • Optimization and automation of the production phases.
        • Yeast continuous renewal throught water addition and flour respecting already settled proportions.
        • Small overall dimensions.
        • Compact and modern design makes you possible to exhibit the fermenter in store in order to enhance your products natural quality.

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