Our retarder-proovers management software are able to adapt the machine to the work of customer and not the contrary, in order to maintain the final result and obtain the same product that the baker makes in the traditional mode.


From 2014 SITEP has provided its retarder proovers with internet connection and remote control by smartphone.

If you connect your smartphone to internet, with a simply free application you can control the retarder proofer directly in every part of the world. Moreover you can see the operations and change the settings of the retarder-proofer.

This is an innovative function that follow the technological progress and, among other advantages, allows technicians to attend in record time for any malfunctions and resolve the problem of the customer. SITEP technicians are able to assist the customer step by step from the early stages of the use of Sitep machine, advising him the best way to exploit the cooling technology to manage the dough, without altering it.


Another strength of SITEP retarder proovers is the air-conditioned floor with resistances (40W/m²) that are absorbed in the foam polyurethane. The resistances, with the aid of a probe, have the task of heating the floor of the proofer during the phases of awakening and proofing.


  • this contrivance avoids the condensation making, solving the perennial problem of water on the floor,
  • it makes the environment healthier, cleaner and safer for operators that don’t risk to slide during the movement of racks that would drag water also outside of the proofer,
  • the electric energy decreases of 25-30%. The condensation that usually wets the not-heated floor, it’s produced by steam generator. The steam generator consumes more than 3 Kw/hour, the air-conditioned, as well as the condensation making, avoids also the continuous operation of the steam generator ensuring an important energy saving.

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