Monoblock Retarder Proofing System

To get the bakery job easier, Sitep designed and created a Monoblock retarder proofing system.

To sum up in three words all the countless vantages of the Monoblock:

  • FUNCTIONAL: It's designed with the care and the technology of who produces retarder poofer systems for bakery since 1982.
  • CHEAP: The standard of production, the ease of utilization and the simplicity of installation, make the technology of the retarder proofer accessible to all.
  • SIMPLE: It can be installed by a general technician, because it's not necessary to have the skills of a refrigeration technician.

 Thanks to the simple index with sequential pages, the machine is as easy and intuitive that it can be managed even by beginners operators.

Furthermore, the injection steam generator at a temperature of 110°C makes the Monoblock unique in its kind. In fact, the use of dry steam at a temperature of 110°C, being more dried than the traditional one, reduces of about 20% the presence of condense on the proofer's wall. Not getting wet the product, it also reduces of 25% the leavening times.

Nevertheless, the refrigeration unit, that can be placed either on the retarder proofer or remote, is already precharged. Thanks to the quick couplings, it can be also connected by a technician without any refrigerator qualification.


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