Retarder-Proofing Line

To meet all the needs of its customers, linked to different types of technology required to retarder proofing systems, Sitep has created Nordiko and Standard lines.

The Nordiko line keeps the product without dehydrate, allowing to insert in the same environment various types of dough, with or without seasoning. In the absence of dehydration during the conservation the proofing is possible even at low temperatures, in this way you can obtain a longer proofing with optimal results in terms of fragrance and flavour of the product.

With the Standard line you can spend less on machineries, keeping on the quality of the products. In fact, if this process creates difficulty in cooking dough without seasoning and it may damage the product, it will result perfect for seasoning products which being full of lipids and carbohydrates they can keep the water inside the dough with an excellent result.

Sitep has created two retarder-proofing lines because it’s conscious of different requirements that every product needs.

Any needs you explain, Sitep’s products assure:

  • time and money saving, you can move the production time from night to day;
  • adjust the air flow, thanks to a system that allows the custom calculation of the type of fan to be installed on each system, combined with an electronic variator of speedy of the fans;
  • pulse fans, which allow you to manage the homogeneous mixing of the air inside the proofer, in this way you can reducing energy consumption and eliminating the typical "skin" effect due to ventilation;
  • thanks steam generator on injection which generate steam at the temperature of 110°C, it decreases 20% condensation that covers the room walls and it let to create a soft and not wet product;
  • cycle graph for a continuous monitoring of the process of retarder-proofing in progress;
  • effective dehumidification, humidity controlled and you can adjuste it in all conditions of use;
  • custom program that ensure absolute flexibility thanks to the various stored programs;
  • floor reinforced phenolic resin conditioned conditioned with a capacity of 5,000 kg / m² or 304 stainless steel with a capacity of 1,000 kg / sq m;
  • before-and after-sales accurately and efficiently, to recommend the best type of technology for satisfying the specific needs of each customers

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