Water Line

The Sitep’s Water Line includes:

  • water coolers in continuous
  • accumulation water coolers
  • water cooler Easyline


The SITEP’s water coolers, with a compact and avant-garde design, can be integrate with: electronic water-meter, automatic water pump and supports to hang it on the wall. The lowest possible temperature is +1 ° C.

They are available in different versions:

  • Rapid; they cool down (from +18 ° C to +3 ° C) in 15 minutes instead of one hour
  • Semi-rapid, they cool down (from +18 ° C to +3 ° C) in 30 minutes instead of one hour
  • Standard, they cool down in one hour the equivalent to the capacity of the tank
  • With heating, it allows to keep the water temperature constant thanks to an option which allows to heat or cool it automatically according to the set temperature

It’s possible to request their own product in hanging and vertical version.

The advantages are:

The quicker cooling – in the rapid models you can take out a quantity of chilled water equal to the tank capacity every 15 minutes (in the models semi-rapid every 30 minutes), allowing an hourly production quadruple (double in the semi-rapid models) than the capacity of the tank. For example, a rapid water- cooler with a tank capacity of 50 liters, is able to refrigerate 200 lt per hour.

Energy savings – at the end of the working cycle all the models can be switched off, due to the fact they are able to return to temperature quickly.

Space-savings – compact size and the possibility to hang them to the wall.


The water coolers in continouos differ from the standard water coolers for a series of features:

  • The hygiene: the appropriate coil, which contains the water to be used for dough, is made entirely of stainless steel so water is never in contact with air, eliminating in this way the breeding of bacteria;
  • The dual-circuit cooling/evaporator avoids the possibility to pollute the water in the event of failure of the cooling system.
  • The thermic exchange between the cooling circuit and the recirculation circuit (of the water to be used) is ensured by an immersion pump which constantly moves the water.
  • Using mains pressure, the unit doesn’t need pumps for dispensing.
  • Setting of the desired water temperature through a suitable electronic temperature controller.
  • The circuit for the filling of the tank makes it easy to install, avoiding the onerous task to open the machine for the first time.

It’s available the optional dosakit, it’s a water-meter with a pulsed discharge suitable for the dough very soft that needs inlet of water in small quantities. Possibility of remote control with magnetic latching so it can be positioned where the operator considers it more comfortable to use. Touch screen control with applications and utilities, such as automatic calculation of the temperature of the water, setting customized recipes, cost estimates,etc.

It can also warm the water up to +35°C with the optional warming kit.

It’s possible require the own product in hanging and vertical version.


For expanding the range of products to the users who need a functional and essential water cooler, we have created “Easyline”.

A refrigerator able to produce cold water, without accessories, with all the potential of SITEP’s refrigerators at a competitive cost, thanks to the use of cheaper materials.

Sitep had kept unchanged the characteristics of hygiene and reliability keeping:

  • the evaporator, which remains in stainless steel;
  • the refrigeration plant tropicalized;
  • the thermal resistance of the insulation of the tank with a 20 mm. polyurethane foam with high density;
  • the temperature control with high precision electronic thermostat.

It have reduced production costs drastically due to replace the cabinet with a plastic-coated steel and the tub with a plastic material for food use, and thus achieving a high degree of competitiveness while ensuring a reliable machine.

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