Water-Meter Line

The Sitep’s water-meter line includes water-meters, water-mixers and water-dosers. All models can count up to 999,9 liters and allow the counting of decilitres too. They work from a minimum pressure of 0.5 bar to a maximum of 10 bar.

The water-mixers can work with hot inlet water until a temperature of 90°C and they allow capacity of 40 liters per minute.


Time saving – thanks to water-meter, which automatically send the water to the mixer, the production time will be reduced ensuring greater control, managing accurately both the temperature and the quantity of water. Considering that a bakery produces on average more than 10 dough per day and for each dough you lose from 5 to 7 minutes for water placing, you can save about one hour of work needed to dose water during a production cycle.

Space saving – small overall dimensions.

Safety and reliability – all models are equipped with filter that saves the unit from impurities.
Easy to use – our simple programming keyboard makes the unit practical, rapid and easy to use.

The water-meter line is available in the following models

GT 30 MATIC, automatic water-mixer with a motorized mixing valve with touch screen control
EASY 30, electronic water-doser
EASY 30 MIX, electronic water-mixer
GT 30 MIX, electronic water-mixer in stainless steel with plc control and touch screen

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